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Bench Press Gene Welcome to the Bench Press Supersite, the only site online dedicated to the bench press! This site is a one-stop-shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the bench press. From wanting to increase bench press, world record bench press, exercises guides, articles, and workouts – we've got you covered!

Many people come to this site for advice on how to increase bench press or beat bench press plateaus. We've got loads of articles and information which can help you out. A good place to start is our increase bench press tips page.

Need a solid workout routine? The huge range of workout routines over at Muscle&Strength can help you gain weight and increase your bench press. These workouts are free of charge and come fully recommended by us. If you're looking for a workout check them out.

Learn how bodybuilding supplements can be used to help increase muscle mass, strength and your bench press! Follow the link above for bodybuilding supplements information.

Want to calculate your approx 1 REP MAX bench press? You can use our free calculators and bench press charts. These aren't 100% accurate, but they'll give you an idea of what you're capable of.

And finally, we bring you the biggest bench pressers on the planet in our new BIG BENCH CLUB! Scot Mendelson, Tank Abbott and Gene Rychlak are just a few who’ve made the club. There’s plenty of bench press info on this site, so make a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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The latest bench press articles & Info

Tank Abbott's Bench Press!
Tank Abbott's bench press! Not only is Tank Abbott a hardcore street fighter but he can also bench press 600lbs! Tank Abbott's bench press really shows off this mans strength.
Larry Allen's Bench Press!
Larry Allen is considered one of the strongest men ever to have played in the NFL. Larry also has a HUGE bench press. We have the stat's on Larry Allen's bench press as well as some other stats about this powerful man.
1000 Pound Bench Press
1000 pound bench press!! Gene Rychlak Jr is the first man to break the 1000 pound bench press mark. We have some stats and information on Gene Rychlak Jr and that huge 1005 pound bench press he did.
Bench Press Boards
Most people have never heard of bench press boards or seen anyone train with them. But amongst the pros, bench press boards are an everyday part of training. We look at how you can make your own boards and train with them.
Bench Press Plateau
Beating that bench press plateau! We have all hit bench press plateaus in the past and it's tough to get past them. We give you some tips on how you can beat a plateau and up your bench!
Bench Press Pyramids
Bench press pyramid training. What are bench press pyramids? We show you what bench press pyramids are and how to use them in your bench workouts. Use bench press pyramids to add pounds to your bench!
Bench Press Negatives
Bench press negative training. For years now strength trainers have used bench press negatives to help athletes beat bench press plateaus, increase their bench press and gain strength in the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles...

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Increase Bench Press The Critical Bench Program

The critical bench program has be designed by big bencher and personal trainer Mike Westerdal. Mike is a bench press expert and has help many professional bench pressers beat bench press plateaus and increase their bench press!

The critical bench program is the only program that we recommened to our visitors. The team have used this program to add pounds to their PB bench press. Many of the articles on this bench press site have been written from the knowledge gained from this book. You can increase your bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks.

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