Bench Press Articles

Bench press articles and information. Get some bench press training advice from the big men of bench pressing! These bench press articles are designed to help you increase your bench press. In order to increase your bench press, you need to learn about how to train correctly, how your body responds to weight training and how your body builds muscle.

You will find articles here covering various aspects of big bench pressing. Some articles have been written by the team, others have been written by bench press professionals and trainers. We add bench press articles to this page every week, so add us to your favorites and check back for updates!

Tank Abbott's Bench Press!
Tank Abbott's bench press! Not only is Tank Abbott a hardcore street fighter but he can also bench press 600lbs! Tank Abbott's bench press really shows off this mans strength.
Larry Allen's Bench Press!
Larry Allen is considered one of the strongest men ever to have played in the NFL. Larry also has a HUGE bench press. We have the stat's on Larry Allen's bench press as well as some other stats about this powerful man.
1000 Pound Bench Press
1000 pound bench press!! Gene Rychlak Jr is the first man to break the 1000 pound bench press mark. We have some stats and information on Gene Rychlak Jr and that huge 1005 pound bench press he did.
Bench Press Boards
Most people have never heard of bench press boards or seen anyone train with them. But amongst the pros, bench press boards are an everyday part of training. We look at how you can make your own boards and train with them.
Bench Press Plateau
Beating that bench press plateau! We have all hit bench press plateaus in the past and it's tough to get past them. We give you some tips on how you can beat a plateau and up your bench!
Bench Press Pyramids
Bench press pyramid training. What are bench press pyramids? We show you what bench press pyramids are and how to use them in your bench workouts. Use bench press pyramids to add pounds to your bench!
Bench Press Negatives
Bench press negative training. For years now strength trainers have used bench press negatives to help athletes beat bench press plateaus, increase their bench press and gain strength in the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles...
Bench Press Is Not Enough!
Hitting the gym hard and punching out big bench press sets is not enough to build your chest muscles to their full potential! You need to be eating the right types of foods, at the right time. Read on...
22 Steps to a BIGGER BENCH
22 Steps to a bigger bench - by Ben Tatar. The comprehensive article goes into depth about 22 steps for you to undertake to build a bigger bench press.
Bench Press Safety
Too many guys are doing themselves serious chest and shoulder injuries by not thinking about bench press safety. Especially when you start moving heavy weights you need to think about benching safety.
Importance of correct bench press technique
Are you stuck on the same weight for your bench? You may need to look at your bench press technique. This article looks at the importance of correct bench press technique in increasing your bench press.
Improve Bench Press in 10 steps
Improve your bench press in 10 steps. We look at 10 proven methods to improve your bench press. If you're stuck on a bench press plateau you might want to read this article for some tips!
Interview with super bencher Mike Witmer
Ben Tatar interview super bench press champion Mike Witmer. Mike and Ben discuss bench pressing, powerlifting and give some advice to beginners in powerlifting and bodybuilding.
Overtraining your Bench Press
Want a big bench? You may be overtraining. Super bench press expert Mike Westerdal explains metabolism and muscle building and why you may not be able to break that bench plateau due to overtraining.
Powerful Triceps = Increase Bench Press
Many muscle builders underestimate the importance of the tricep muscles in the bench press. We look at how you can increase the power in your triceps and increase your bench press!
Simplifying the Bench Press
Ben Tatar breaks down the bench press and looks at how using tried and tested methods you can increase your bench press. It's time to simplify the bench press.
Using a spotter correctly in your bench press workout
Using a spotter in your bench press workout. A spotter is not there to make life easy for you, he's there to help you train hard. This article looks at correctly using a spotter in your bench workouts.
Warming Up For a Bench Press Workout
Warming up before a big bench press workout. Peter Simpson looks at how to warm up for your bench press workout correctly to ensure you are not at risk of a chest, tricep or shoulder injury.