Bench Press Calculator

Bench press calculator. We have created a bench press calculator that calculates your approximate maximum bench press. Working out your approximate max bench is easy, you just need to enter 2 things into our bench press calculator. Here's how the bench press calculator works.

You enter the weight in the first field. And you enter the number of repetitions in the second field. It doesn't matter whether you enter pounds or kilograms, the result is the same. If you enter the weight in pounds, you get the results in pounds.

So here's an example:
Let's say you bench press on average 50 kilograms at 12 repetitions. So you enter 50 into the first field, and select 12 in the second field. The bench press calculator will then return 69.35 - your approximate maximum bench press.

An important note: The bench press calculator will only work out your approximate maximum bench press. It is intended to be used as a guide only. Maximum bench will vary from person to person.

Bench press calculator

Weight: # Reps

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