Bench Press Programs

There are literally 100's of bench press programs available today. So what is the best bench press program? The truth is, there isn't a best bench press program. Everyone responds differently to bench press training, so you need a bench press program that is suited to your goals, 1 rep max and body type.

There is only 1 bench press program that we recommend for everyone looking to increase their bench press. That's, The Critical Bench program. Big bencher Mike Westerdal has written a bench press program that is customized around your 1 rep max bench press. This is the only bench press program that we will endorse on this site.

Many of the bench press articles on this site have been written from the knowledge learnt out of this hardcore program. The team here at have also written our own bench press programs in our bench press workout section. Our programs are good, but if you want a surefire way to increase your bench we recommend The Critical Bench Program.

Increase your bench press by 50lbs!

Bench Press Program The Critical Bench Program

The critical bench program has be designed by big bencher and personal trainer Mike Westerdal. Mike is a bench press expert and has help many professional bench pressers beat bench press plateaus and increase their bench press!

The critical bench program is the only program that we recommened to our visitors. The team have used this program to add pounds to their PB bench press. Many of the articles on this bench press site have been written from the knowledge gained from this book. You can increase your bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks.

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