The BIG BENCH CLUB - The Biggest Bench Pressers!

Welcome to the BIG BENCH CLUB. This page honors the biggest and heaviest benchers on the planet! These are the guys you hear about benching more than 1000lbs! These are the sports stars you read about that bench twice their bodyweight! These are the local guys at YOUR gym who posess awesome benching power. This page is dedicated to them!

Click on one of the guys below to view their benching stats, bio and pictures. All the guys and girls you see on this page are there for a reason - they have an awesome bench! Have we missed anyone?? If you think so email us! Enjoy!!

Scott Mendelson
Scott Mendelson is the best bench presser that has ever lived. He holds the current world record bench press at 1008 pounds. He also has a string of other records. See pics and facts about the big man!
Scott Mendelson

Tank Abbott
Tank Abbott is a true streetfighter and one of the toughest guys in the UFC. Not only is he tough, but he's strong! Tank has recorded a 600 pound RAW bench press!
Tank Abbott Bench Press

Larry Allen
Larry Allen is considered one of the most powerful men ever to have played in the NFL. And Larry Alen's bench press is no different, powerful! Larry Allen has been reported to bench press 700lbs RAW.
Larry Allen Bench Press

Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris is on of the best bench presses and powerlifters that ever competed. He has managed to bench 710lbs RAW - no shirt!
Jamie Harris Bench Press

Mike Kudla
Mike Kudla is possibly the strongest man that's ever played for the Buckeyes! Mike Kudlas bench press definately holds the top spot at the club.
Mike Kudla Bench Press

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is not someone you'd expect to see in a big bench press club! But Tiger works out hard and holds a bench of over 320 pounds. Not bad for a skinny golfer!
Tiger Woods Bench Press

Earl Boykins
Earl Boykins is the smallest player in the NBA, but is bench press is far from small. Earl can bench almost 2.5 times his bodyweight!
Earl Boykins Bench Press