Creatine Supplements For Strength!

Creatine is the most popular supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders. Supplementing with creatine will greatly enhance your explosive energy in your training sessions. Here is a quick look at the benefits:

  1. Very fast weight gain, especially for 1st time users
  2. More energy during workouts
  3. Enhanced strength during workouts
  4. Reduced lactic acid

Those are the main benefits of supplementing with creatine. Lets look at some of those benefits in a bit more detail.

ATP as a fuel source:

ATP is the main fuel for your muscle contractions, and this is achieved by the ATP releasing a phosphate and becoming an ADP. With extra creatine in your muscles, you regenerate ATP through the creatine release its phosphate which combines with the ADP to form ATP.

This ATP regeneration keeps your body from relying on glycolysis, which is process where lactic acid is built up during your workout. The benefit of this is clear: the reduced lactic acid allows you to workout longer and harder, thus maximizing every muscle's workout, and allows you to gain more muscle, strength and size. Another benefit of creatine supplements is you won't feel tired as easily during workouts.

Weight gain:

It's no myth that creatine helps you gain weigtht fast. Studies have shown that "average" weight trainers gain up to 4.4 pounds in 3 weeks when supplementing with creatine. In more advanced lifters, the figures have been as high as 6 pounds.

Explosive power!

As mentioned above, creatine supplements help by providing the muscle tissue with more energy when you need it. What this means in practical terms is, you'll be able to push out those extra few reps or do that extra set. This allows you to up the intensity level of your training routine which leads to more growth.