Scott Mendelson

Scott Mendelson a bench press legend and one of the strongest man alive! Scott Mendelson holds more bench press world records than any other man. He's the only guy ever to bench even close to 1000 pounds and have a 6 pack! This page is our tribute to Scott Mendelson.

Scott Mendelson is the current word record holder for the heaviest assisted (with shirt) and unassisted (without shirt) 1 REP bench press. In Febuary 2006 at the Fit Expo Scott Mendelson recorded a huge bench of 1008 pounds, beating the previous record by 3 pounds. Scott Mendelson then attempted 1031 pounds and 1048 pounds but failed. Scott Mendelson's RAW bench press world record still stands at 715 pounds.

Scott just keeps getting stronger! Scott's friends say that soon he will be benching more than 1100 pounds! Here is a list of Scott Mendelson's world records to date:

  1. Heaviest ever bench press at 1008 pounds
  2. Heaviest RAW bench press at 715 pounds
  3. Strongest Intercontinental Lift at 738 pounds
  4. APF/WPO World Record Holder at 825 lbs
  5. Two Time World Champion
  6. Two Time National Champion
  7. First Man to Bench over 800 pounds

That's an impressive bunch of records for Scott Mendelson! And I'm sure there will soon be more added to the collection. We've got some pictures of the big man below. Scott is truely the best bencher that ever lived.